Student Teaching Completed

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog (I think I start every blog like that), but today is my last day of student teaching. I’ve been focused for 9 weeks on getting this done. For the first time in my life, I didn’t procrastinate my work. I was roughly two weeks ahead of my class’s schedule the entire time, got work done before it was due, and finished my IWU career as an A+ student.

It wasn’t easy. If you didn’t know, I also coach high school basketball. I’m the C team (freshmen) head coach, JV/Varsity assistant, and also coach two teams (5th, 7th) for Indiana Primetime Sports. My schedule wasn’t easy these last nine weeks.

  1. Monday, I student taught 7-3, flew across town to high school from 3-6:30, then across town for a Primetime practice 7-8:30.
  2. Tuesday- 7-3, practice 3:30-6.
  3. Wednesday- 7-3, Practice 3:30-6, and Primetime from 6:45-9:15.
  4. Thursday- 7a.m.-3p.m. as usual, 3:30-4:30 and then Primetime 5-6.
  5. Friday was morning practice 6-7:30, then to student teaching until 3:00, and then back to the highschool for a walk through 3:30-4:30, and then two games putting me back home at roughly 10.
  6. Saturday I have two Primetime games from 11-1:15, and then practice from 1:30-3:30
  7. Sunday was up in the air. Usually had one Primetime game, but on a lucky occassion, I was off!

That was my schedule…for 9 weeks! I am sleep deprived, money deprived, and thought deprived. I am mentally and physically exhausted, but I did. Haylea and I both did it! Now time to find a job.

But before that can happen…now it is time to dive into Dead Last 3. I am a writer who hasn’t written in 9 weeks…that’s torture.

Marc Quaranta Will Give You Nothing But The Best

Fall/winter 2014 will be the most busy I have ever been in my life for a consistent nine weeks. I’m not complaining, but just letting all of you know, and also assuring myself that I’ll be alright and I’ll survive it. But this isn’t about all of the work I’m going to be doing. This is about the work that I won’t have time to do.

When I became a writer, I wanted to tell a story. I wanted to write something that people would enjoy reading. When I first started Abilities, I just wanted something fun. I didn’t want nor did I expect to win any literary awards or place #1 on Amazon’s best seller’s list. I just wanted something that people would enjoy reading. Did I accomplish that? It remains to be seen.

I’ve got a great following of “fans.” My family has done a great job supporting me and reading my books even if the topic or genre interests them. My friends have done a great job reading my stuff and sharing it with other people that might like it. My publishers have done a great job spreading my name around to mean that I might actually have some fans out there that don’t have any ties to me at all. It is a great feeling.

But for now, I must hang up the coat. For good? No, never. Am I going to stop everything completely? No, never. I do plan on doing some outlining and some serious planning, but will not be writing anything for a few months.
October 6th I start student teaching so I can one day soon teach writing to young kids that may dream of being an author. That will go until January. Until then, you will not see me doing or posting anything about my major books. I do have a small series called CODE, but even that will not be self-published as regularly as they had been in August and September.

Why you ask? Because I refuse to put out anything that is less than fantastic.

My two babies are almost all grown up. Abilities 3 will be out later in the winter/spring which means I only have one more book in the Abilities series before the saga is completed. Dead Last 3 is the next volume in my Dead Last series and while I’ve done some work with it, it wasn’t what I wanted so I’m starting from scratch.

Abilities 3 is great. Looking at Abilities 1 and where I came from to now CODE and Abilities 3, I see growth and I can only hope that all of you do as well. But there is still so much more to go. I am still only a new member in the Lolli Pop Guild and I want to be a Yao Ming😉

So I can only promise you now that I will put every creative bone in my body to work on A4 and DL3. I want them to blow the roof off the house of books. I will spend every free second of my time not writing these books, but outlining and planning and sketching ideas of where these stories will end and where they will go.

I want my readers to root for the bad guys. I want them to weep when a character they hate dies. They won’t like it, they won’t even know why they’re doing it, but they will. They’ll hate themselves for crying over such a monster, but they do it because it’s not been a character in a book, but somebody that they’ve envisioned in their head. Somebody in their life. We all relate to characters in books. We all know somebody in our lives that is similar to another character. And I want my readers to feel every emotion there is. From sadness and happiness, to pain and arousal😉 Yes, yes.

I’ve been writing for 2 years this October 30th and I’ve got 6 books out by the end of the year…For somebody trying to get that big break, it is important to write write write until somebody notices “Oh, Marc Quaranta has 30 books outs, we need to look at him.”
I did that. For 2 years I wrote and wrote and wrote.
But now I’m not writing for my big break…

I’m NOT writing because two books, Abilities and Dead Last, changed my life forever and instead of rushing out what could be great, I’m sending them off as best as I can. All good things must come to an end, but nothing ends if they’re remembered forever.

Stay tuned for Abilities 3

And coming in 2015/2016 The unimaginable ending of the Abilities saga and the next chapter in the Dead Last stories.

Break The C.O.D.E.

A while back I posted a quick teaser to an idea that I had been working on called C.O.D.E. Well, the C.O.D.E. has begun.

Instead of writing a book and sending it out to agents and publishers or having it published by my current publishers, and then writing another book and another book, I wanted to do something different. Something new.

I thought about comics and TV and everything except novel series.

So I started last week putting out small C.O.D.E. Chapters. First came Introducing Ryan Beweley. Then there was Chapter 2- A Soldier Comes Homes, and finally, Chapter 3- The Scholar Athlete. But that isn’t all of them. There are more and more and more coming.

Each chapter is roughly 30-40 pages and tells a separate story entirely, but they are all connected together in one C.O.D.E. Series. Think of it like a comic book or an episode of a TV series.

What is the idea behind C.O.D.E.? Who knows? You’ll just have to read it…

No, I’ll give you a quick hint.

Sometimes there are problems so big that our own government can’t save us. Doctor Vernon Lazzara worked for the military for so long and he’s seen it for himself that they can’t protect us from everything. That’s why he spent decades in the medical field trying to create a serum to make our soldiers stronger, faster, smarter, but the military found out about what he was doing and kicked him out. Finally, at the age of 54, he’s perfected his serum, but now works outside the law. With the help of his long time friend, Parker Peters, they seek out a group of special people that are too close to death to survive without Vernon’s serum. Together, they make up the C.O.D.E. and together they are our last hope for survival when there is nobody else to help us.

Check out the first three chapters on:

and go to my
Or find me on Twitter @MarcQuaranta
to leave a comment or ask any questions.

Thanks for all your support!!!

Tutti Abbiamo Bisogno è L’amore.

I was watching a movie a few days ago and one of the scenes, quotes in particular, stuck with me.

Two characters are in a public restaurant, and the guy is trying to share some news with her, but she interrupts him to tell him that she has cancer and is dying. The man is a dick and begins telling her off and that she is selfish and things are getting too “personal.” She asks, “I thought you loved me.”

His response:

“Love? Loved you? Love is a weakness. Love is the most overused word in the English dictionary. Love is for people who need or want something.”

And since I watched that last Sunday, it stuck in my head, but I didn’t realize why that was until this morning.

That character was right…he was absolutely right.

First of all, love is one of the most overused words in the English dictionary. I think of two girls (“fake girls” if you will, imagine girls from “Mean Girls” that do not even like each other, but still say love you to each other.) I also think of someone saying “Oh, yeah, I love that guy” when all they mean is “Yeah, I’ve hung out with him two or three times at a party and when I say I love him, I mean he is funny.”

But it is the last part of the quote that I want to look at. “Love is for people who need or want something.”

THAT part is absolutely correct and I hope people everywhere realize that and realize what love truly is.

I love my girlfriend. I love my parents, my brothers, I love my best friends, and yes, I love my dog.

I need my girl to fall asleep and wake up next to me so that she is the first person I see when I wake up and the last person I see before going to bed. That is because I need to go to bed at night with the satisfaction that my day was good, she gives me that feeling. When I leave the house in the morning, I need her to be there and to give me a kiss because she is the reason I go to work. She is the reason I am trying to make something out of my life. I want her to be around and to go to dinner with me and to push me to be a better person.

We may not like our parents at times, but we will always love them. And it is true, that the only reason we love them is because we need or want something from them. I needed my mom there to tuck me into bed every night when I was growing up so she could remind me that there is no place like home and that whatever happened that day was going to be okay, and that I was going to be okay. I needed her to show me the worth of a home cooked meal and how comforting and valuable a movie night was with the family.
I needed my dad to be standing on the sidelines ready to give me a hug when things didn’t go well for me during my basketball game. I still need my dad by the phone ready to give me advice as I struggle with new experiences every day.

My brothers grew up yelling at me and fighting with me and I needed them to show me what it took to be a man. I needed them to be the ones to tell me the truth when I knew my parents were too biased to tell me😉 I need my friends to get me into some trouble every now and then. I need my dog to wag his tail when I walk into the door. I need my niece to say my name when she sees me and to show me how precious a child’s laugh is.

Love is all about wanting and needing something from the people that we do truly love.

And of course, the only way to get all of those needs and wants, is to give them to those that love you because what goes around comes around.

Love is about being the most selfish selfless person you can be to those that you love.

Blogging is harder than I thought

My last blog may have been years ago because it sure does feel like it. Well the year is winding down (school year) and just thought I’d update you all with what is going on in my life. I don’t wanna make this a long drawn out blog, so I think bullet points will work quite nicely.


  • Joined Indiana Primetime as an 8th grade and 6th grade basketball coach
  • Started my own camp for middle school players that will be going on this summer
  • Finished Dead Last 2 and saw it published.
  • Outlining a new series that I will be working on that will take me away from the science fiction world.
  • In my last class of my Transition to Teaching Program at Indiana Wesleyan. Finish this Friday, student teaching next fall, and then I will be certified to teach High School English.
  • Just moved into a new townhouse with my girlfriend and we absolutely loved it.
  • Decided it was time for a change and cut most of my hair off for the beautiful Spring weather.
  • Decided to cut ALL of the hair I had remaining off…yes, bald…for the beautiful approaching Summer.
  • Am currently thinking about starting my own company…become my own little entrepreneur.
  • Am studying to become Personal Trainer certified this June.

I feel like that might be all of my doings the past couple weeks and months. It had been super busy around Primetime, Carmel Middle, writing, and the other stuff that I’m doing. My dog is on this new routine of waking up 3 times in the middle of the night, so Haylea and I switch off every other night waking up to let him out. My brother and sister-in-law have a little one that is 1 year and 3 months and they sleep more than we do. It’s strange. So I’ve been running on fumes lately and am just now getting sick.

I haven’t been getting to the gym very much, but went out and got myself a new preworkout so that I make sure I have the energy to go so it is time to get back into it and get that summer body going. We leave for Arizona on June 7th and stay for 10 days. I’m so excited. My dad just let me know that we’re going to Disneyland for a couple days when we get out there. Couldn’t be more excited than to slap the hands of my favorite Disney characters…however, I did just read fun facts about Disney and the characters are discouraged from high-fiving adults. I find that awesome and hurtful in the same manner.

That’s really all I got. I had a great idea for a blog not too long ago, but didn’t have the time. And as I started this one today, I tried to remember what it was so I could write that instead of updating you on my busy (to me) but boring (to you) life. Well hopefully, I’ll write one soon…For you NBA fans out there, I may have to write one on the great decision for the Lakers to fire Mike D’Antoni, and the horrible decisions by the Warriors firing Mark Jackson (official) and the Pacers (supposedly) planning to fire Vogel.

Well, stay tuned…that is if I find the time to tune you in.


P.S. I just want to add something else….Lionsgate just announced they are making a MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS movie…You’re welcome for just making your week…year. I felt the same way.


Head up. Push Through. Be Here Now.

Remember 10/31

Halloween. October 31. The year was 2013. And it sucked.

Wednesday night around 10 p.m. I went to bed for a good night’s sleep and ready to get up and enjoy the weekend. I woke up about an hour later in tremendous amounts of pain. It felt like somebody was stabbing me in the upper abdomen with a machete and then pulling out my insides and just squeezing and pushing them around. It was horrible. I laid on the couch for a bit with a heating bag trying to relax until it went away. It didn’t.

Now I can handle some sharp pains, mind you. Ones that come and go and feel like aches and cramps are painful, but tolerable. This did not come and go. It was constant pain that didn’t come and go or fade and return, it was there for hours nonstop.

Around 3:30 I emailed my school and told them I wouldn’t be coming into work. Around 6 a.m. when the pain wouldn’t stop, I woke my girlfriend up and hopped in the car for a trip to the Emergency Room. They did their thing and I was home at noon with medicine. They said to take it and if I throw it up, I’d need to come back in. I threw it up. Around 6 p.m. I was back in the hospital. They did some remedies and medicine, morphine😉, and I was back on my way home.

That night, Thursday night, I was lying on the couch resting. I opened my eyes and couldn’t believe it. The pain was back. That sharp killing pain was back, and worst of all, it was all over my stomach. I touched my stomach and there was a bowling ball inside of it. My stomach was three times its normal size, stretched, and in pain. As Haylea said, “His stomach was up over his ribs” was how bloated and expanded it was. But I tried to relax…and then I threw up 5 times in about 45 minutes. So I was back at the emergency room for more morphine and medicine. Emergency exploratory surgery was an option, but they waited until I was back in a comfortable position. I spent the night Friday night and the afternoon Saturday in the hospital and things calmed down without any surgeries.


That was my Halloween. Now I’m back at work and still recovering. My stomach feels like it was been run over with a tank and a fever continues to come and go. The next step is to contact a GI Tract doctor to start digging around to find what happened.

The reason I’m writing this blog is to remind people, myself mostly, to make changes.

I’ve dealt with stomach issues for almost 3 years now, but it had never been this bad. I used to eat anything and everything. I’d eat a whole pizza, fast food, pasta, dairy, veggies, fruits and still be active enough and healthy enough to be in the gym 6 days a week. Not anymore. I’ve made promises to stay away from dairy and gluten and all fast food and anything unhealthy, but have always had slip ups. When I get sick (normal cold or virus) and stay home for a day, I’d get fast food. I’d make me feel “better” while I was home sick. When Haylea went out of a town, I’d sneak a pizza hut pizza for myself. Once in a blue moon wouldn’t kill me…well I feel like it almost did.

The week before 10/31, I snuck a few meals because I was sick. and I paid for it. I joked with Haylea that I was so very close to getting a tattoo that said “remember 10-31” so that anytime I reached for a burger or fries or a donut or a Coke or a beer, that I’d remember the pain I was in and I would walk away.


This was one of the worst weekends of my life, but it has shown me that I do need to change my life. Something in my body does not agree with something out in our world. Doctor’s visits and tests haven’t given me any real answers, but you don’t need answers if you don’t ask questions. Enough of “is it gluten?” “Is it dairy?” “Is it fast food?” No more questions. The only hope is to eliminate everything and get back to a healthy me.

I’m staying away from wheat, gluten, bread, pasta, pizza, fast food, all of that. No more dairy. No more pizza or fast food, and shockingly, no more alcohol. No more vodka or rum, and no more Angry orchards. I haven’t eaten much since last Wednesday, so you could say I’ve already started this little run. I know, now with this horrible reminder of 10-31, that I won’t have any more setbacks and that when I am finally back to 100%, the only person I’ll have to thank is myself…and that frightful day of all Hallows Eve.


Be Here Now. Eat Healthy. And be strong enough to make the change yesterday.

Thank you to the Muscular Dystrophy Association and to those that helped!

So September came, quickly, and went, even quicker, and I have to say I am a little disappointed in my numbers, but am staying positive and am really taken back by those that helped, bought a book, but especially to those that tried to help spread my message.

I put this fundraiser together very quickly. I believe it was early August, or late July, where I decided to put this together. I didn’t have much time to contact outside sources or put together a large sales plan and that is my fault, but I wanted to get something started and see if it was something that I could do for next year and the year after that and I’m proud to say that I think it is. With proper planning and a little help, this September for MDA is something I could see happening every year.

So thank you. Thank you Ring of Fire Publishing and thank you Twisted Core Press, both of you really showed me that publishers will go above and beyond for their authors. I don’t know if I’ve been as happy as when I saw the MDA logo on the books. It really was something.

Thank you Haylea Peters and her entire family. You are the reason I decided to open my heart. Ever since I met you Haylea, you’ve opened my heart and my eyes to so many things that I probably never would have saw without you. To think about giving away an entire month’s profits for anything probably would have been laughed at by me a year or two ago, but knowing you, and meeting your family, changed me. Thank you for accepting me into your family and letting me be great enough to share my life with your daughter, Patty and Jim.

Finally, the numbers. For those of you that don’t know. I work at Carmel Middle School in Carmel, Indiana in Special Services. I also coach 8th grade football and 7th grade basketball. I am taking classes (currently) every night of the week to become certified to be a high school English teacher, and I’m also studying to be a Strength and Conditioning Coach and also a personal trainer. I’m also working on a special project that I hope to have released in the next 2-5 years that has nothing to do about anything I’ve ever talked about.

I’m a busy person. If writing paid me enough to live on, I wouldn’t be doing all of that stuff. Writing is a hobby of mine. It is something I love doing. I can have a no good terrible, horrible, very bad day and when I get home I can shut my office door, open a story, and write a few chapters and it makes everything better. That is how much I love writing.

I don’t do it for the money and I promise you, but more importantly myself, that I never will.

I don’t make much from my sales. When a ten dollar paperback gets sold, I maybe make (at most and on a sunny day) 1.50. I make even less on ebooks. Perhaps I should have said this before hand because maybe now giving away my profits doesn’t seem so valiant. Well, that’s the truth. Do I have books published? Yes. Am I a millionaire who is sold in Barnes and Nobles? No. Am I less proud of myself because of that? No. I look at the covers of MY books that have MARC QUARANTA on the cover and I still feel tears coming up. It’s awesome and I will always feel that way.

I just wanted to share that before I let you know about the final numbers.

After rounding a few numbers up, The Muscular Dystrophy Association will be getting a check for 36 dollars. I know. It isn’t much. But after learning what I’ve learned about the MDA, this 36 dollars will truly be a big help. And I can say that I am proud of myself, I am proud of my publishers, and I am proud of my girlfriend, family, and friends. To those that helped me out, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And to those that didn’t, learn to let go a little bit. Instead of going out for that McDonalds dinner next year, buy a book and donate. People out there are counting on us.


Thank you and God Bless